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Jean’s a classic beauty, yet she’s confident and striking enough to seem forever in style no matter where she goes. Her bold looks get her noticed but her elegance and poise are what make her so admired, and wherever she is or whatever she’s doing she always carries herself with style. Jean’s the type of girl who knows exactly what to do and what to say in every situation, she’s cool as a cucumber but she’s never unapproachable.

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Oooo ahh - There's no specs quite like VOW London's Sophia Cateye.

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Ziggy’s the last word in cool, she always knows what’s in before it’s even on everyone else’s radar and her wardrobe reads like the style pages of a glossy got mixed up with an uber-hip rock band. Ziggy knows everyone who’s anyone and she’s always the first person to be invited to any hip and happening gathering but she’s never ever snobby about it and her friendly, down to earth personality ensures her popularity keeps skyrocketing.

ZIGGY - The Mix

Original, stylish and understatedly cool, Ziggy is a true trendsetter, she dresses to please herself while everyone else scrambles over themselves to copy what she’s wearing. Confident without ever being arrogant, Ziggy can mingle with the best of them. The phrase well connected might as well have been invented for this cool chica, she’s the friend whose wardrobe you’d most like to raid and who you can always rely on for spot on style tips.

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The embodiment of feminine glamour, Sophia’s girly, gorgeous and completely unashamed of the fact. Fun, flirtatious and utterly fabulous, she’s the girl you secretly wish you had the courage to be and her bubbly sense of enjoyment is totally infectious. Hang around with Sophia and before the end of the night she’ll probably have you dancing on the tables, flirting with the waiter or belting out your favourite karaoke track in front of an audience of drunken partygoers.

SOPHIA - The Mix

Sophia’s an all-out glamour puss, she demands attention wherever she goes, and if she didn’t carry it off so well she could definitely be described as over the top. However, her natural class, poise and inbuilt sense of style mean she’s never knowingly overdressed so instead this bombshell just continues to turn heads for all the right reasons. Hanging around with Sophia is like getting a lesson in how to be a vixen because this racy lady wrote the book on specs appeal.

SOPHIA - The Mix

A true hippy chick, Rae’s all about the music and the good vibes and is never happier than when she’s outdoors, barefoot and plugged into nature. She might be a natural girl but there’s nothing homespun about her savvy sense of style which always seems so effortless and never contrived. Rae loves picnics and long walks and she’s the friend you’ll want to bring to all those hip music festivals throughout the long and (hopefully warm) summer days.

RAE - The Mix

Lulu’s a classic girl with a super sexy side, it’s subtle but detectable in every oh so deliberate gesture, the toss of her silky scented hair, that secret knowing smile. Conversational and poised, she’s at ease in every conceivable situation, she’s the friend you’ll always want to accompany you to those important social events. Though she seems demure at first, Lulu’s got a wild side- stick around long enough and you’ll get to experience it first hand.

LULU - The Mix

Lulu’s classy but oh so sexy, this is one lady who prides herself on always being perfectly turned out. She has a natural flair for stylish glamour that’s envied and emulated in equal measure. Her sassy style, friendly demeanour and ladylike manners make for a killer combo that means she’s never short of social invitations, which is a rather good thing because this little lady loves to socialise. Independent, flirty and totally fabulous, Lulu’s always admired wherever she goes.

LULU - The Mix

Layla loves to rock out and her wild style is an utterly irresistible fusion of rock chick cool and boho glam. Layla’s the kind of girl you see dancing on the stage at a music festival or rocking out on one of the podiums in a club, she’s a real dare devil, bold, confident and totally carefree. She’s compelling, and gutsy, yet completely unselfconscious all at the same time, the very definition of a real free spirit.

LAYLA - The Mix