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The Dog Treat Company Calm Moments, an air-dried chicken liver dog treat with added camomile. Made in the UK.

Crunchy Veggie Crisps from Alfie & Molly's. A delicious combination of carrot, sweet potato and butternut squash in an organic turmeric and organic raw coconut oil flavouring. Made in the UK.

A yummy air-dried dog treat from Alfie & Molly's. This wild venison jerky is a natural treat for your dog. Made in the UK.

A delicious air-dried treat for dogs! Alfie & Molly's Beef and Garlic Jerky. Made in the UK.

A delicious air-dried dog treat; Alfie & Molly's Three Bird Delights! A delectable combination of gently air-dried chicken, duck and turkey hearts, liver and gizzards.