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Aroma diffusion

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Campaigns that utilise The Aroma Company's solutions for producing a scent in the air.

McCain unveils potato scented taxi. The Aroma Company provided the warm and appetising oven baked jacket potato scent (not the dispersal mechanism).

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the aromabox. The diffusion technology can fill a room up to 200m2! thats big. Our box is the most cost effective on the market and can work anywhere with a power supply. Any fragrance can be used.

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Elemis: Can you spot it? The OSPro has been built in & given air vents to allow the fragranced airflow to circulate the space.

The Aroma Co Europe on

"Travelling to London? We'd suggest staying at @MbyMontcalm and experiencing our diffusers with your chosen fragrance!"

British Street Food Awards 2015: A cake doctor, an aroma DJ... and

British Street Food Awards 2015: An aroma DJ (assisted by the OS Pro dispersal unit), a cake doctor... and free beer.

Introducing the new aromahalo.. Product launching by the end of 2014, this amazing device diffuses fragrance only into specific areas AND lights the area with the branding you wish aswell. People will step into an amazing little aromabubble of fun.

the aromaspritz, is a fab cost effective way of diffusing an aroma. Have mini ones as giveaways and for trade packs. Or do something different like we did with the Bakers Federation and make a weird and wacky fragrance for a marketing campaign.