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What's Wrong India??

One might say that almost everything is wrong in India and we are no different. However, unlike many we have found a way of putting some philosophy into action for the country where people are apprehended if they even exercise their “Right to freedom of expression.” So, if you have any remains of being Homo-Sapiens; join the WWI tribe.
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I am in queue - Please stay in queue.. Please be in line.. Do not break the waiting line..The only question is which one????


Democracy_Error Problem: Prove A = B (A) US Population x 4.5 = Indian Population (B) US Political Parties x 500+ = Indian Parties

Overload Alert – Aabadi is directly proportional to Barbaadi…..Express your concern for the same with this Overloaded earth tee….

One Nation, One Color – Color matters in skin and not in lights… Are we colorblind just for the traffic lights??????

Dollar Raj – In the era of Gundaraj, Swaraj and Yash Raj, the award goes to “Dollar Raj”

Your Humble Servant – Kid to Father: Dad, I am considering a career in organized crime…Father: Go ahead Son, Politics awaits you…..

Refugee – With rise of the planet of Apes, oops; Homo Sapiens (the evolved apes)…. The only measure this green life could take was to pack a red bag and run…

Made in China - Everything is Made in China; even the stickers saying Made in China. So, if at all you want to contribute to the Indian GDP, buy this 100% Desi T-shirt and feel special to have an exclusive “Made in India” product.

Inflation Motorized - With a total area of 3,166,414 square kilometers; 3,214 km from north to south and 2,933 km from east to west…..and still, we expect Inflation to advance through foot-steps…. Isn’t that unfair?

The Indian Bus - With the conductor calling at the top of his voice, driver abusing the vehicular and pedestrian traffic, passengers gossiping and instructing the “Driver Bhaiya” and every part of the bus making an effort to get noticed ; who the hell still needs a fu***ng horn.