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a pregnant woman holding up an image of her stomach with the words your to - do checklist for itc, pregnant and beyond
Your To-Do Checklist for TTC, Pregnancy and Beyond
From trying to conceive all the way to baby's birth, learn what the important tasks are to check off your to-do list with this handy month-by-month pregnancy checklist.
a man carrying a baby in a sling on his back with the words, report the best cities to raise a family
These Are The Best Cities to Raise a Family Worldwide
Read about a new report that analyzed the best cities to raise a family, based on 12 key indicators. See what US city made it into the top 25 and which international cities ranked higher.
a man and woman sitting on a couch looking at a cell phone with the text, i got a positive pregnant test - now what?
I Got a Positive Pregnancy Test—Now What?
Just found out you're pregnant? Yippee! Here's what to do next.
the bump what to know about cervical dillation
Baby Is Coming: What to Know About Cervical Dilation
It’s almost showtime. But first your cervix needs to open so that baby can fit through the birth canal.
a man and woman cooking together in the kitchen with text that reads, 13 make - ahead freezer meals for new moms
13 Make-Ahead Freezer Meals for New Moms
Trust us: As a new parent, you're going to be busy. Having an arsenal of precooked postpartum freezer meals tucked away will save you time and stress.
a pregnant woman holding an x - ray in her hand with the text how accurate is ramazi theory?
Can You Determine Baby's Sex Using the Ramzi Theory?
The Ramzi theory claims that your placenta’s position can predict baby’s sex early. But is it accurate?
the bump your ultimate checklist of baby essentials
Your Ultimate Checklist of Baby Essentials
Streamline your shopping list with this checklist of all the baby must-haves.
two children playing with toys on the floor in front of a chalkboard that says, a third of americans don't plan on having kids
A Third of Americans Don't Plan on Having Kids Largely Due to Costs
A new study shows that 1 in 5 parents of children under age 18 say the cost of childcare is their biggest financial stressor.
an older woman holding a baby who is looking at the camera with text overlay reading how often grandparents need to see baby to bond
The Internet Debates How Often Grandparents Need to See Baby to Bond
Dive into the complex dance of love and boundaries in grandparent relationships and hear what people from across the world had to say.
a pregnant woman sitting on top of a bed holding her stomach with the words bump what is a birth plan and why is it important?
What Is a Birth Plan and Why Is It Important?
There's a lot to consider when writing a birth plan. The Bump’s birth plan template breaks down all the key questions to help get you started.
a woman holding a baby in her arms with the words reward their future on it
Reward Their Future
Reward their future.❤️Thanks to @patreasury, Pennsylvania newborns get $100 for higher education from Keystone Scholars.📚 Tap the🔗 to learn more. #thebump #keystonescholars
the top 10 best states for paid family leave is featured on this page with an image of two adults and a child looking at a book
These States Have The Best Paid Family Leave Policies
Despite the established benefits for babies, parents and the economy, just 13 states have passed paid family leave policies. See which states are leading family first here.
a woman laying on top of a beach chair next to the ocean with text overlay that reads, when should you take a babymoon?
11 Best Babymoon Ideas for a Blissful Getaway
Looking for babymoon ideas? Whether you’re on a budget or want to go all-inclusive, we’ve got you covered with the best babymoon destinations and parent-approved travel tips.
a father and daughter sitting on a couch with the text how to talk to your kids about surrogacy
Tips for Talking to Kids About Surrogacy
Whether your child was born via surrogacy, a sibling will be born via surrogacy, you’re planning to be a gestational carrier or they’re curious about other families, learn how to talk to your kids about surrogacy.