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Bee-Bot Starter Pack: Everything you need to hit the ground running with Bee-Bot. A range of materials guaranteed to keep you busy for hours, planning routes and courses and creating your own mat designs. Use the clip-on shells to turn Bee-Bot into an entirely different character. : Pack includes 1 Bee-Bot, 1 Rechargeable battery unit complete with 4 x AA batteries, 3 activity mats; Treasure Island, Busy Street and Transparent grid, 1 set of 49 sequence cards, 10 white clip-on shells


Bee-Bot is an exciting new robot designed for use by young children. This robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation, problem solving and having fun!

Great idea to use with the Bee-Bots - a Dice Mat! You can make these yourself or (I'm sure) buy them. ~Bon

Bee-Bot Giant Sequencing Cards: Help pupils to organise the route sequence! The bold and colourful layout makes these cards perfect for front of class work. Durable, laminated A5 sequence cards, ideal for assisting in program planning and recording. : Pack of 49 cards