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I love it anyway. I love it again. I think I just want the whole RowdyKitten House just as it is. Sink if fabulous. I love the sink. I'm not crazy about the dark wood counter top.

Beautiful Narrow Boat Interior Design Ideas

A modern narrowboat interior - nice side hatch

Tapas Patchwork Tiles | Reclaimed Tile Company

Mismatched tiles in a cohesive color palette/style. Cool :) Something to look at instead of magazines!

Narrow boat on Central London Mooring I like the tile on the side of the counter

Narrow boat on Central London Mooring (imagine if we had a canal boat)

Narrow boat interior

Inside an English Narrowboat-storage/layout ideas to borrow.

Nice living room (shame about the leather settee...)

Lovingly crafted Narrowboat for cruising the canal network or a beautiful home. in Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles, Boats & Watercraft, Narrowboats/Canalboats

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adailyriot: “ velvetcocoon: “ -xerces: “ It’s like the Weasley’s house. ” ” Except for it’s on the water, which makes it even better than the burrow (which I didn’t think was possible.) I want to live.

More ideas
1976 47ft cruiser stern narrowboat                                                                                                                                                                                 More

dining table in the very back surrounded by windows, then kitchen, then couches/ beds, then drivers seat 1976 cruiser stern narrowboat

Cheap Houseboat Interior Ideas

Cheap Houseboat Interior Ideas

a simple life afloat

a simple life afloat: boats

Beautiful 50ft Narrowboat – £41,000 ONO

John White 50 Traditional for sale UK, John White boats for sale, John White used boat sales, John White Narrow Boats For Sale Beautiful Narrowboat – ONO - Apollo Duck


20 Window Seat Book Nooks You Need to See

TREE HOUSE i hope i can build this for my kids someday

Beautiful Treehouse - Norfolk, England A kid's dream house.this kid.

I imagine that this could be like a village for me and all my friends and we could have pot lucks all the time and walk to each other's houses on suspension bridges and take care of everyone's children while we all go off and have successful careers.

Fascinated by the idea of staying in a tree house or hotel? Want some design inspiration for your own treehouse to live in? Enjoy our pix!

Boat on the Canal. Take your garden with you. Wouldn't it be great if you could take your garden camping with you?

Little narrowboat garden

La casa del árbol por R & M

Cool looking multi-level treehouse. The top tier looks like some kind of enclosed deck, like your own nest. love this for a backyard retreat

can I have this treehouse? As I've gotten older my treehouse dreams haven't faded, they've gotten bigger and better!

Amazing Things in the World Tree House, Norfolk, England