2. The work. I chose to paint two figures, one bigger and darker than other to signify the man, I then put a crown on his head as he sees himself and society sees him as the dominant figure. I put crosses on the smaller figure to show that these girls are normally not allowed to show their body until the man tells them too. I wrote the word feminism backwards as Basquiat always included writing into his work. The use of the figures was inspired be Schnabel.

1. Starting the image. To begin with creating my inspired image I looked at Basquiat's and Schnabel's work, I then drew thumbnails of what I aimed the image to look like without putting too much thought into it as my first idea was the one I stuck with. I chose to use watercolour as this is my favourite medium and started painting on cartridge paper. The message I was conveying with this, as Basquiat always tried to do, was underage marriage in foreign countries.

6. Final Image. I'm really happy with what I created as it is really unlike anything I've ever done. Every piece of artwork I've ever originally made has always been very clean and thought out and very unlike this which is amazing to see. I like the message being put across and I will continue to do this more. I feel I definitely have room to improve as I consider more about composition and matching colours but as far as my first time goes I'm very happy with it.

5. I then had the idea, to make my message come across more to add the object of the handcuffs across the larger figure with a wedding ring on the end, I feel the figures tie in more with Schnabel's work but when it comes to objects that really comes down to Basquait. I added more words such as 'shameful' as this is what these girls are made to feel on a daily basis. I made the darker figure even more darker as well which I feel adds to it a bit more.

4.I made the figures darker as I wanted them to stand out more against the background, I feel this might have took away from some of the meaning behind it as I had to make the smaller figure as dark as the bigger one but I feel it was necessary for the entire aesthetic of the painting. I added in more writing and colours to make the panting just a bit busier.

3. I added more colour into the background as was inspired by Basquiat's work and drew a heart monitor line thing as these kind of conditions can be life-threatening. So far I was really having a lot of fun with this painting, the idea of drawing something with a message that you are passionate about is a really great drive behind the motivation of your work.

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