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Luscious Sicilian olive oil that positively sings sunshine all the way to my plate. Recommended to us first by waiter at Algiubagio restaurant in Venice. He treated it with such respect that we had to hunt some down for ourselves.

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We use this at home and were thrilled to find it in use throughout the Camargue when we visited last summer. Great packaging. Cork lid. Sits happily on any dining table. Just add little wooden spoon to complete the rustic effect.

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Onion soup for the perennial favourite dip in Kiwiland - onion dip made with reduced cream and a dash of vinegar or lemon juice. Moreish.

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I love Beurre d'Isigny Doux. My favourite butter in the entire world.

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Poilane sour dough bread - wickedness in a bag. Tastes great with a rub of fresh garlic and drizzle of olive oil...

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I keep Mary Berry's Hollandaise sauce close at hand - ready for a quick Eggs Benedict brunch at the weekend.

Reflets de France spaetzle. Eggy noodles from the Alsace. We love them with roast chicken.

Manuka Honey is present in every good Kiwi girl's larder. Excellent taste and great for health.