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From delivering meals to a National gold in skateboarding, Shraddha Gaikwad's inspiring journey
sets sights on an Olympic gold. 🛹🏅 @shredd_da . . . . #skateboardchampion #olympicdreams #shraddhagaikwad #inspiringstory #securityguard #magazinestory #nationalathlete #instareels #trendingreels #explorepage #reelsindia #skateboardingjourney #motivationalstory #2024 #dreamscometrue #instagramreels #theglobalhuesmagazine #theglobalhues
From crocheted Knockers to transforming lives! 🌸 Meet Jayashree, the founder of Saaisha India,
dedicated to providing free breast prostheses for mastectomy patients. Over 7500 women and 2000 children already supported. Join us in making a meaningful impact! 💖 #SaaishaIndia #empowerhearts #saaishaindia #socialservice #brestcancerawareness #breastprostheses #womensupportingwomen ##childrens #inspirationalreel #storyreels #motivaltionalreels #freebreastfeeding #magazine #explorepage #trendingnow #viralreels #magazinestory #womeninspiringwomen #socialwelfare #theglobalhuesmagazine
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Top 10 richest women in India 2023
India has the third highest number of billionaires across the globe after the United States and China
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Dr Anita Sharma: The Driving Changemaker
Dr Anita Sharma, Founder of “Drive On My Own”
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Kshama Bindu: India’s First Sologamist
Knowing your worth and not settling for anything less is the ultimate power of self-love
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Smriti Nagpal: The Social Crusader
Creativity cannot be restricted, believes Smriti Nagpal who is the Founder of Atulyakala, which is India’s first-ever lifestyle brand run by the deaf community
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Kavita Sanghvi: An Ardent Educationist
With the firm belief that education has the power to transform one’s life
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Aishwarya Sharma: India’s First Fashion Activist
If there is no purpose in fashion, it is no more fashion
women, Mumbai, Adoption, Newborn Babies, Newborn Baby, The Fosters
Sangita Gala: A Foster Mother Of Many
Do for one, what you wish you could do for millions
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Barkha Trehan: The Dauntless Voice Of Men’s Rights
Men have emotions too, they also need support, but how many of us actually care?
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Veena Gupta: India’s First Lady Bodyguard
Large muscular men bodyguards dressed in black is a myth
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Dr Maya Rathod: The Bodybuilding Champion
Whoever says bodybuilding is a sport for men should definitely meet Dr Maya Rathod
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Meet Sucharita Eashwar Who Is Enabling Women To Start-Up And Scale-Up Businesses
CWE is a complete ecosystem, a nurturing platform to enable women to start up their businesses and scale them successfully
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The one question that is asked a lot is, Who are the most famous female entrepreneurs in the world? What is their story? How did they become so famous?
Queen Of Royal Icing Cakes Victorian Architecture, Vegan Royal Icing, Royal Icing Cakes, Mughal Architecture, Cake Artist, Vegan Cakes, European Architecture, A New World
Prachi Dhabal Deb: Queen Of Royal Icing Cakes
Creativity has no limits,” Prachi Dhabal Deb is a living testimony to this statement