Introduce them to the fascination of studying the night sky with this portable Stellarscope  Dials around the outside of the barrell are set to the hour and date required, showing the stars and constellations visible at the time on an accurate, computer generated disc within the Stellarscope  Latitude compensation rings, northern hemisphere mapping and night illumination keyring included  The Stellarscope is 19cm long and the viewing map is 4cm

Use this affordable Stellarscope to quickly locate and identify 1500 stars that are visible to the naked eye. Its star maps are accurate every day of the year!

May the grill be with you!   Take BBQ-ing to intergalactic heights with these officially licenced Star Wars Light Saber BBQ Tongs, complete with light saber sound effects (can be turned on and off!)   Shaped just like Darth Vader's famous light saber, you'll rule over the BBQ and the galaxy at your will  The BBQ Tongs feature a protective sheath, heat-proof plastic handle and metal tongs

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Death Star Cookie Jar

Death Star Cookie Jar - That’s no moon! It’s a cookie jar shaped like the death star! This jar comes straight from the Star Wars Shop, it’s entirely from durable Polyresin and features a counter-friendly flat base for proper counter storage.

Space Cookie Cutters

How can you improve upon a perfect invention like the cookie? Turn them into free-standing spaceship cookies! With these Spaceship Cookie Cutters, we’ve