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LUNCHTIME - this pop up vegan burger van is my go to on Fridays. It's quite amazing how much a bean chickpea and chilli burger can fill you up. #holttwins

CHIA SEED PUDDING - it's essential that you get a lot of chia seeds on a vegan diet as they're packed with fibre protein and omega 3 fatty acids (ALA). You don't get all the omega 3 you need but we'll cover that in another post. In the meantime I can't wait to try these later . #holttwins

VIBRANCE - I heard a colleague the other day say that they were just addicted to eating well because of how well they felt after a good meal. I think it's one of the universal factors that all us vegans can truly understand because when we get our macros with a healthy meal of Kale Spinach and Lentils with spice it's so easy to eat a vegan meal and feel so smug about how good you feel all the time. Double tap is you agree .

If you learn how to marinate your own tofu it tastes way better than meat!

OATS - if there's one product that we've all consumed more of regardless of what diet plan you're on it's oats. For good reason because oats are loaded with a type of Fibre called beta-glucan which is know to help lower levels of bad cholesterol. That's why I consume oats with fruit and grains every day . #holttwins my cholesterol is lower than Donald Trump's IQ .

MEAT REPLACEMENT - when you find a chicken sate recipe and have tofu to replace it with you know you're onto a winner! #holttwins

Tag a friend who's needs this Mexican style tofu dish with guacamole in their life.

TOFU - if you're scared of going vegan then this is the first dish I would recommend trying to trick your mind that you're definitely capable of eating without meat. Follow us @holttwins for the video recipe next week

SALAD FOR DAYS - who wants to see a video recipe for this? #holttwins