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an arabic text with the words, my wife and egyptian characters in english on it
M E R A T I 🇪🇬
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the words give me a summer to remember written in blue ink on a white background
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Dua for Anxiety and Overthinking
#dua #muslim #anxiety
an airplane is flying in the sky and it says happiest by the sea
the words i am a girl written by god are in red on a white background
Whenever you start to hate on yourself REMEMBER... So God created mankind in his own image
#God #godisgood #faith #religion #godslove
a handwritten quote that reads, i hope you know you are doing better than you think
a close up of a piece of paper with writing on it
a quote that says, yes the f k you can end of story with an image of
a black and white photo with the words please believe there is still time for you to be able that you want to be
the words best wishes for the year to come written in red ink on a white background
the best is yet to come sticker in blue and white on a light blue background