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A training booklet explaining the U.K.'s new decimal currency to Woolworth's staff - published in 1970 in preparation for "D-Day" the following February.


Woolworth - Toddlers Patterns - 1973 Pauline: have still got this pattern- always intended to make a tank top, still haven't got round to it!


I remember this packging so clearly. Especially going downstairs in our Woolworths and a whole row being FULL of Sindy toys. I used to fantasize about doing a 1 minute shopping dash down that row to get as much Sindy stuff as possible. I was lucky - although my parents couldn't afford a lot of the toys they did treat me to a lot! AND they made me the BEST Sindy dolls house ever made!


I grew up clad in Ladybird childrens clothes - the make is still available via Woolworths - the UK store that the brand had closest association. It started in 1934 with the link between Adolf Pasold & Son and Woolworths - Pasolds being taken over by I invite everyone who loves SHOPPING for KIDS


My first job was on the record counter in Woolies. A 7"single cost £1.79 and a 12" was £3.79, so expensive! I got paid £1.77 per hour!