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This Photographic joiner of the city of London is a patchwork of around 4,000 Black and White photographs by Japanese artist Sohei Nishino. Nishino has mapped out ten cities including London, Paris and New York City. Nishino describes the process as "re-imagining" a landscape and it begins with a month long walk through the city. He photographs different sections of a City on Black and White film. He then hand processes the images and assembles them using scissors and glue in his Tokyo…

David Hockney - This mural is made up of photographs. Even though the photos don't go together they still look really effective together. As I do photography I could take the photos, put them together and paint them.

A small amphitheater in the University of Illinois, my tribute to David Hockney (1937 - ) “joiners”. “Hockney’s creation of the “joiners” occurred accidentally. He noticed in the late sixties that photographers were using cameras with wide-angle lenses to take pictures. He took Polaroid shots of the living room and glued them together as a preparatory work. He realized it created a narrative, as if the viewer was moving through the room. ” - The International Coolhunting Magazine

Chris Soria

Very urban feel to this image, easy to tell this is a city. Good color scheme, seems to match well. seems like it is many images put together but still keeps unity