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a blue twitter logo on a dark background
How To Clear Cache On Twitter App: Complete Guide For Android And iOS
How to clean the cache in the Twitter app. How to delete the cache of the Twitter app on your Android or iOS smartphone, step by step for more storage
the facebook and meta logos are shown
What is metaverse? Why Facebook changed its name to Meta?
The name of Facebook has been changed to Meta. Everyone is curious in the terms "meta" and "metaverse."
two people standing next to each other in front of a blue background with neon lights
What is metaverse? Why Facebook changed its name to Meta?
The name of Facebook has been changed to Meta. Everyone is curious in the terms "meta" and "metaverse."
an advertisement for the new model t phone
Tesla Model Pi: Tesla smartphone is coming soon
Tesla's next big thing, the Tesla Model Pi, a truly futuristic smartphone, is on its way. With features like crypto mining, this smartphone cloud will be a game changer in the smartphone industry.
two white cell phones sitting next to each other
Why Google Pixel failed
Why Google Pixel failed: What happened wrong with Google, Pixel failed as a flagship device
two televisions are on display in front of a sign that says lg led tv
LED TV vs. OLED TV: Which is better in 2021
There was a time when buying a TV for our home was simple; we only had to decide on the brand and size of the TV, and that was it; all televisions back then were bulky and boxy, but that is no longer the case; today, buying a TV is very confusing; we have so many options in terms of brand, size, audio type, video type such as full HD or 4K or even 8K, or different types of panels like LED or OLED and more.
the linux logo with an image of a penguin
Why Linux is better than Windows
You may or may not be aware of it, but there is another legendary operating system on the market: Linux. Linux is one of the oldest, most powerful and secure operating systems on the market.
an image of the city skyline with 5g icons overlaiding it in blue
5G in India
5G smartphones are now available in India but there is no 5G network available in the country. Countries like Japan, China, United Kingdom, South Korea are already using 5G networking but India is nowhere to be found in the list. In India, the spectrum is not yet auctioned.
the new blackberry 5g smartphones coming in 2011, and it's official launch date
BlackBerry 5g phone 2021
BlackBerry is seeking a comeback in 2021 with the new 5g smartphone. BlackBerry new CEO Peter Franklin confirmed that the company is launching its new 5g smartphone later this year. The OnwrdMobility is going to design the new Blackberry 5g smartphone.
a person holding an open samsung foldable phone in their hands, with the display showing
Why Samsung doesn’t use Snapdragon?
One of the most trusted smartphone processors is indeed the Snapdragon chipset engineered by the US-based Qualcomm. It is also true that Samsung Galaxy smartphones is one of the most trusted and loved smartphone brand that’s why Samsung ranked top in the list of top smartphone manufacturers. But the most trusted smartphone manufacturer Samsung is not using the most trusted processor Qualcomm Snapdragon for some of their devices, and the question is why Samsung is not using the Snapdragon?