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a painting of jesus holding a cross and standing in front of an image of people
an image of jesus on the cross with other people
an old painting on the side of a building with two men and one woman standing next to each other
Великий Акафист Божией Матери: галерея | Православный журнал "Нескучный сад"
an icon with three men standing on top of a mountain and holding hands in front of them
Triptych detail The Transfiguration - Aidan Hart Sacred Icons
an icon of jesus surrounded by other people
the icon of jesus christ in you is shown on a red background with an ornate border
Divine Mercy Icon
an image of jesus on the cross with two people in front of him and one person kneeling
a painting of jesus holding the hand of another person
Descent in Raleigh
an icon of jesus with angel wings holding a paper in his right hand, and the text above it
an image of jesus in the center of a painting