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an elaborately decorated building with statues on it's sides and lights at night
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Entry Permanently Stopped at the Worlds Largest Durga Puja
black and white photograph of statues on the side of a building with people standing around
Kumartuli - World's largest market of Durga-puja idols || Kolkata Diaries
Kumartuli - World's largest market of Durga-puja idols || Kolkata Diaries
a woman in a red and blue dress is dancing
durga puja.....
Durga Puja by Sanjay Arora. An annual 5-day Hindu festival celebrated in South Asia, "Durga Puja marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura. Thus, Durga Puja festival epitomizes the victory of Good over Evil."
three pieces of food sitting on top of a white plate next to some silver foil
Bengali Sweets That Came By Parcel!
Jalbhora Sandesh - Bengali sweets wanna eat it :)
a man sitting in the doorway of a bookshelf filled with lots of books
bookstore in Calcutta, India by FriscoDude
Images of India: View of a shop selling used books in Calcutta, India | #Photography #Bookstore #India #IndiaImages |
a bridge that is lit up with colorful lights on it and reflecting in the water
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Google+ The Light Bridge by Binoy Shaw Hooghly River in West Bengal, India
an old black and white photo of horse drawn carriages
Kolkata - Wikipedia
Bengali billboards on Harrison Street. Calcutta was the largest commercial center in British India.
cars parked in front of tall buildings with street lights on at night, and one car driving away from the camera
Are we just dreaming in a city that never sleeps? ☆ #myphotography ___________________________________ #photograph #rimshahasan #cityscape #kolkata #nighttime #light #dream #reality #sky #filter #photography #blackandwhite #stars #night #city #nocturnal #skyscraper
a large red brick building sitting on top of a lush green field next to a lake
15 Amazing Facts About Indian Railways That Will Blow Your Mind
Busiest Railway Station –Howrah Railway Station 974 Trains
a large lobby with chandeliers and couches in front of a grand piano
THE OBEROI GRAND $112 ($̶1̶4̶2̶) - Updated 2024 Prices & Hotel Reviews - India/Kolkata (Calcutta), Asia
The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata—Kolkata, India. #Jetsetter
there are many statues on the street and one is holding something in her hand,
Lonely Planet | Travel Guides & Travel Information
Over the years, the city of Kolkata has seen many avatars – be it as British India’s first capital, the hub of Indian renaissance, a hotbed of art and culture and Marxist ideas, or as the city of joy. This guide will help you peel back the many layers of Kolkata’s history – with markets, mansions and museums – in just 24 hours. Image by: Anuradha Sengupta