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MYSTERY OF MIND Mindfulness, Positivity, Success, Cognitive, Price, Paying, Mystery, Gourd, Oak Tree
One cannot ‘GET’ unless one first ‘GIVES.’ Success cannot be attained without paying the price which success always demands. The way of success is the way of struggle. If the position you attained came without struggle, you should be sure it will not be permanent. The oak tree grows in a decade, whereas the Gourd grows in a season.
OLD ENGINE, NEW START Engineering, Start, Begin Again, New Start, Trust, Goal, Big Goals, Mental Attitude, Mental
We are not creatures of circumstances; we are creators of circumstances. Do you have a big goal? Then let your faith rise up. Deliberately, sincerely and intensely make a new start in life. Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, you ‘can’ begin again. Maintain a mental attitude of trust & faith in yourself.
WHY DOUBT NATURE’S WAY Nature, Doubt, Talk, Process, External, Happy, Red Hot, Hot, Red
If a brick could talk, it would complain when it is placed in a red-hot furnace and burned for hours; yet that process is necessary in order to give the brick lasting qualities that will withstand the onslaught of external elements.
ELIMINATE FAULT Reading, Physics, Possibilities, Read More, Fault, Grip, Eliminate
There is plenty for you to do in the world if you have not lost grip on yourself ‘mentally’. Physical limitations should not restrict you as long as you can discover the possibilities within your mind.
TRADE WITH MIND Adoption, Trading, Business, Principles, Connection, How To Plan, The End, Till
Every business which stands out prominently from other similar businesses is due to concentration on a definite plan. The principle is adopting a definite plan and then sticking to it till the end.
NO LIGHTS NO CAMERA ONLY ACTION Action, Lights, Queen, Knowledge, Alive, Drone, Thought Provoking, Life
One is the QUEEN which is the mother or female bee. She lays the eggs and keeps the race alive. That is her sole duty. Then, there is the KING, also known as Drone, which is the male bee. His sole function is to fertilize the eggs which the female lays in order to start a new colony or continue the succession of an existing colony. Then, there are the workers, those little fellows who gather the honey from the flowers and store it so that it can be used by the whole hive.
FARMER OF MIND Planting Seeds, Seeds, Sowing, Produce, Enlightenment, Field, Kindness
Mind resembles a great fertile field in which it will produce a crop after the kind of seed sown in it. Any idea placed in the mind and held there firmly will finally take root and grow, influencing the bodily actions. A thought is like a seed planted in the ground that grows into a crop.
INSISTING ON INITIATING The One, Soul, Honor, Extra, Money, Prizes
The world bestows its big prizes, both in money and honors, for one thing, and that is initiative. What is initiative? It is doing that extra thing that you ought to do without someone else telling you to do it.
Winter is Coming – Let’s Warm Up Hearts Warm, Winter, Memories, Winter Is Coming, Early, Morning, Senses, Ease, Let It Be
Winter is Coming – Let’s Warm Up Hearts
There is a slight nip in the air. It does smell like the onset of winter. I smile as I walk in the corridor. It is amazing how our senses work. Does winter really have a smell? Do memories have a smell? Well, I don’t know. It is too early in the morning to poke my sleepy brain with so many questions. I ease in with my surroundings, smiling at myself.
Building Boundaries Security Solutions, Boundaries, Development, How To Know, Setting Healthy Boundaries, Building, Peace Building, Negative Emotions, Greater Good
Building Boundaries
Building Boundaries Few Walls Help You Maintain Your Peace – Build Them I was not aware of this. This is a recent phenomenon. Or should I say, my awareness of it has been a recent development?
The Pain of Persistence People, Lord, Gratitude Meditation, Exhausted, Worth, Don't Give Up, Feeling Happy, Quites
The Pain of Persistence
A Pain Worth Bearing I woke up with heavy drowsy eyes and a mind exhausted of taking stock of things and people around me. Another day in my life… I thank the Lord. But do I want to go about with my routine?
Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears a Crown The Crown, Great Power, She & Him, Series, Headed, Get Over It, Screwed Up, Give It To Me, Peace Of Mind
Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears a Crown
Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears a Crown : With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility OK… So just like thousands out there, I too was waiting for the next season of The Crown. Frankly 2 years back, after much resistance, I took up a Netflix subscription just to watch the series. This also means, unlike others, I did not have anyone who could give me access to her/ his subscription.
How to Lose That Weight? Weight Gain, Motivation, Weight Loss Journey, How To Lose Weight Fast, What Is It Called, Lose Weight, Weight, Loss, Deep Breathing Exercises
How to Lose That Weight?
Almost every other person I meet is on a “journey”. Funnily, it is not a physical journey or a spiritual journey – Rather it is a weight loss journey. I have been ‘on and off’ this journey myself. And trust me, this is perhaps one of the rarest of journeys wherein others’ progress can cause major heartburn for you. Nevertheless, we keep moving.
The Art of Being Alone Thought Process, Self Realization, Talk To Me, Might Have, Understanding, Inner Me, Anti Social, Normal
The Art of Being Alone
In that tiny corner hidden below layers of the brilliant and the mundane — we are all alone The other day my neighbor was surprised that I have my food alone. Every single meal of the day. I cook and I eat and I wash the dishes. On days I am unwell, physically or mentally (we all have those days, it is normal), I order food and again have it alone.
Roses for Food: When was the last time you begged for food? Foods, Food, Eatery, Things To Sell, Shopping, Vibrant, Mild, Work, Hello
Roses for Food: When was the last time you begged for food?
I stepped on the footpath. Mild chilling winds hit my feet. It is goodbye to the slipper season and big hello to the shoe season, I told myself. The street looked so vibrant with all kinds of eateries, shopping complexes, and happy faces coming out of their offices. I realized whether in school or at work, the end of the day does bring a smile to one’s face.