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Why Did USA Wages War Against Saddam Hussain War, History, Organisations, Iraq, Al Qaeda, Dictator, Government, Wage, Organizations
Why Did USA Wages War Against Saddam Hussain
Saddam Hussain was the dictator of Iraq. He came to power in 1979 and ruled up to 2003. Along with Iraq’s alleged development of weapons of mass destruction, another justification for waging war against Saddam Hussain was a purported link between Saddam Hussain’s government and terrorist organizations, in particular Al-Qaeda.
Tiananmen Square Moment Of China Beijing, People, Military, China, Chinese People, Chinese, Event
Tiananmen Square Moment Of China
In the month of May- June 1989, Chinese people were assembling at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. On 4th June 1989, the Chinese government used military tanks to end the demonstration of Chinese people. To understand the event of Tiananmen, we have to understand the prevailing socioeconomic conditions in China.
What Is Congress System ? Industrial, Indian, What Is Congress, Working Class, System, Capitalist, Being A Landlord, Example
What Is Congress System ?
Indian National congress was formed in 1885. It was representing different and conflicting social groups from its birth. For example – it was represented by landlords as well as the peasantry class. Similarly, it was represented by Indian capitalists and the industrial working class.