'Cross the Channel from Dover', BR poster, Laurence 1960. (Unfortunately, this poster is no longer available for purchase so the link is not valid.)

'Cross the Channel from Dover,' British and French Railways poster, Laurence, 1960

Kings Cross station, about 1958.  I loved stations as a child...got the travel bug early!  Loved the smokey trains and all.

Kings Cross station, about I loved stations as a child.got the travel bug early! Loved the smokey trains and all.

Tube through the decades: Interior of 70's London underground train

150 years of the London underground – in pictures

Brush Type 4 Co-Co diesel electric locomotive number D1733 in 1964 with British Rail's XP64 experimental passenger train. The train was made up of eight Mark 1 coaches, prototypes for the new Mark 2 carriage design. The loco was  painted in an experimental livery of turquoise blue and ivory with yellow warning panels on the front. The new British Rail double arrow symbol appeared on the cab sides. The Brush Type 4 locomotive later became known as the Class 47 and D1733 was renumbered 47853.

“First outing for Gerry Barney's new British Rail symbol somewhere in Derbyshire in April don't think this was the final blue tho

Venice Simplon-Orient Express. Yes please. Although good luck getting me up that ladder.

Traveling in style; I wish that all trains looked like this again. Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (VSOE) wouldn't it be ever so lovely

Napier powered English Electric [Vulcan] Deltic

Trackside Classic: 1961 British Rail Class 55 'Deltic' Diesel Locomotive – A Distinctive Roar of Confidence on Britain's Rails .

train "Golden Arrow" London/Paris - Victoria Station -1950'

Victoria Station, Departure Platform for Boat Trains like the Golden Arrow, Photo by Jack Birns, 1950