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Little oaxacana stretching out of a tiny tin pail

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It's the most gorgeous sunniest blue-skied day here today! And I have the morning to myself to do luxurious things like drink decaf lattes by the River Fal whilst filling in complicated maternity-related paperwork. I chose this Ionantha Mexico for this morning's pic as it's also got a baby growing on the side can you tell?!

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Kenyan baskets from my mum, repurposed as vessels for airplants whilst they're waiting for new homes...

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Royalty has arrived in humble little Gardener's Cottage Falmouth: two Xerographica the King of air plants. Breathtakingly stunning I have never seen anything like them. Neither had little j. How am I going to part with these guys?

Day 15 of #GETtoknowyou Home... A bit of a regram but one of my favourite corners of home I like the simple palette whereas the rest of my home has lots of different colours (which I also like!).

I was 39 weeks pregnant yesterday and officially start maternity leave today! My lovely J is going to be running The Skygardens for a while with no doubt a heavy dose of backseat driving from me - thank you and sorry in advance honey However I'll still be on here taking care of the IG pics lest they all become about architecture surfing and macaroni cheese

A few of today's beach treasures plus Bulbosa currently my favourite Tillandsia who also happens to look rather octopus-like. Very fitting

What happens when an air plant enthusiast stumbles across their partner's unguarded architecture model. The babies at the front aren't too badly to scale but the ones at the back are a little Day of the Triffids.

CAPITATA PEACH is the subject of today's #tillandsiatuesday a different air plant featured every week! T. capitata hail from Cuba Mexico and the Dominican Republic where they usually grow on rocks and cliffs preferring drier conditions. Christened in 1866 their name means "Tillandsia with a head" and this beautiful Peach variety colours orange or peach when in bloom. This one is currently about 4-5" in size but they can grow to over a foot big! Easy to care for they need filtered bright…

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It's Friday yes it's Friday! These are a few finds from our beach walks this week avec air plants. I do have a thing for mussels..