The Solluna Resort

Resorts In Corbett- The solluna resort is one of best resort in jim corbett national park India. That provide all tour packages for wildlife wild life…
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Women's Day
To all the incredible women out there: You are inspiring, you are powerful, and you are truly amazing.👸👑
an outdoor table and chairs under a tree with lanterns hanging from it's branches
The Perfect date destination? It Exists❤️🍀
a gazebo sitting in the middle of a lush green field under a blue sky
Peaceful Setting
Listen to the chatter of birds and breathe in fresh air as you relax in a peaceful setting.🦜🍃
a red brick house surrounded by trees and rocks with the words, california resort your ultimate escape
Ultimate Escape
a bathtub with plants in it and the words, elevate your experience
Elevate Your Experience
an indoor buffet with lots of food on it
Dining at its Finest
there are many chairs and tables in the park with fire pit on the ground next to them
Fresh Green Escape
there is a collage of photos with the words sunshine and good vibes
Sunshine & Goovibes
Solluna Resort
This needs to be on your staycation bucketlist...😍😍
a small house with stone walls and steps leading up to the front door, surrounded by greenery
Structures at Solluna
The structures at Solluna are those whose living image you won’t find anywhere in Jim Corbett.🏠🌱
an orange and black table sitting in front of a swimming pool next to a lush green forest
Solluna’s pool
Relax and unwind at Solluna’s pool, where every sip is as refreshing as the dip.🍹 Your lounge chair awaits... 🏖️🤩
What do you prefer?🫶🏻
a white house surrounded by lush green trees and flowers in front of a mountain range
Your vacation to happiness is ready🤠
Discover the secrets of relaxation at Solluna, where every corner promises quiet. 🌿✨.
a path leading to a house in the middle of a park with trees on both sides
Step into peacefulness
Step into peacefulness and let nature’s whispers calm you 🌿🏡 At Solluna, every path leads to a memorable stay⛰️
Will you come to Solluna?
Will you come to Solluna, if you had an “Anywhere door”?🚪