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Spa in Pune

The Thai Spa is the perfect place for connecting to your soul and rejuvenating yourself. Pamper yourself with world class spa facilities at the best spa in your city.
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According to your skin special oils are used to massage your feet to treat and balance your body to promote good health and mental and physical peace.

A powerful message therapy which is a full stress-buster package is called element body message. It helps in reducing the stress of modern day living in urban areas.

Deep Tissue Message or oil therapy, a type of Swedish message is an aromatherapy which reduces blood pressure and enhances the flexibility of muscles. It often causes discomfort as it uses direct deep pressure to reduce low and upper back pain and stiffness of the neck.

The most ideal and common-type of therapeutic message in the West is Swedish message. The message therapy varies from light to strong depending on the therapist’s style.

Sports Therapy is a kind of Swedish therapy good for healing injuries in the tendons and muscles and chronic aches of athletes. It helps in the circulation of blood and lymph flow.

The word ‘lomilomi’ means message therapist. Hawaiian lomilomi message is one of the oldest types of message used in relieving stress and tension. It is a distinct healing message therapy of palms, elbows, feet, forearms, knees, fingers and knuckles.

A one and half hour traditional message based on yoga and Ayurveda, which includes deep message and stretching your arms and legs, is called the Royal Thai Spa. No oils are used in this message.

It is an expensive message therapy where two therapists work simultaneously on one customer to remove tension and muscle pains. It also helps in rejuvenating your body, mind and senses. It is a great experience for spa-goers.

A message in which heated smooth and flat marbles are used for warmth as well as relaxation of the muscles. Before use, they are placed in a bowl of chilled water.

Message candles are special types of candles that can be used as a candle, moisturizing lotion and message spa all in one. In candle message spa, the texture of the wax is very significant.