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A WOW colloured Seashore piece by Thomas Petit at £125 its a snip for this quality of work. Available at the WOW Gallery. Dorking

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Seashore by name and by character - Thomas Petit's glass always gets admired at the WOW Gallery - this one is £200 but its large!

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Seaside Coasters - Handpainted by Fran in Dorking - unique to WOW Gallery, South St and at just £11 each for 4 for £39 they are super value... designs vary as Fran gets bored doing them the same every time!

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Colourful ricks and swirling sea sinspired this tall vase at £195 - a Unique item found at the WOW Gallery. Dorking

This series of handmade glass is called Beach - inspired by that frothy foam over rocks - the small to medium pieces are £80-£95 at the WOW Gallery, Dorking

Lesley's work is always like this - soft surfaced glass you have to hold and which remind you of seaside days - small items are £80 - £120

These crashing waves wash in and out of the WOW Gallery in Dorkng - originating near Dartmoor.This llarge one is £165 smaller are j£90ish

Looking into rockpools inspired these Tableau - availabe at WOW Gallery Dorking for The £195 each

Cooking Crab tonight - your cooking could be inspired by taking this platter off its wall handers and using it.. or just keep it there WOW!

The area between the sea and the land inspired this unique flotsum vase, sold by the WOW Gallery, Dorking