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New Ducklings - Sheldrake ones - WOW has them and they are so sweet they make you say wow!

Are Puffins #Ducks? OK we've cheated 'cos we love this little #Puffin with a mouth full of elvers.

Road Runners are such silly #ducks that we can't resist them - these #Raku ones have been through red hot fire and come out cracked - this is the large version but WOW have smaller ones at £30!

This Coy Chinese #Duck is one of two at WOW made from the same mould. They are really quite different and the #Raku crazing makes them more so! See this one on line -

We love this clutch of Cute Ducklings by Linda. The Sheldrake are new ones but she's made Mallards and Tufted for a while! We have just 12 to sell!


Have you ever seen cuter Tufted #Duck Ducklings - which incredibly are made from Clay! Real WOW Items