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Little lying sideways ceramic hare - by Elaine Peto available at for £185. On of these handcrafted ceramic hares was the chosen gift on House Gift 3 years ago! Only it was a 12in tall upright one!


I suppose this is a flock of #silver #puffin jewellery. Sharon makes these for WOW! and we love them! We love them more in copper as they sell faster. The whole colony is found at!


They say an #elephant never forgets - and who could forget you if you gave this blue elephant as a gift? WOW! have cuter smaller ones to.

Dolphins make such fabulous shapes for jewellery. Copper jewellery is coming in as silver is so much more - £33 for copper £49 for silver version with hoops or stud fitting. wonderful has the lot..

Love this cats chops! He is so cute and at under £20 he's worth taking home even if your #cat might knock him (or her) over!


WOW! love this #bronxe of a hunting fox - less than handsize - it is modelled to be full of life. It has a brother that is on a stand leaping up - either would make a wonderful #gift £125 at

Bronze, simple and with a super patina this #frog from Martin Storey is almost ready to leap of somewhere else! Only his deco style head doesn't seem to have any eyes!

Meiow these #silver #Cat earrings are so cute! Actually WOW! has 3 different faces of #cats like this from Penny Wiliams - see them on

Love these sitting #dog earring studs. So cute and the faces are laughing. £40 but they are silver.

SIlver is so expensive now that brass is a good alternative - looks a bit like gold.These cats are just £25 - in silver they would be £40! Perfect presents for #cat lovers