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Abstract Art Dome Ring - Dome Shaped Ring With Abstract Art, Crystal Encrusted In Paisley Design, Matt Brown Enamel Coating, Perfect For Cocktail Event, Gold Finishing................ - Rs. 599.00


Flower Power Cocktail Ring - Statement ring with a pearl at the center, special crystals embossed into the metal wiring, Adjustable and easy to wear, sits comfortablaly around the finger...... - Rs. 499.00


Feng Shui Frog Charm Ring Feng Shui Good Luck Charm Ring, Highly Textured Frog Body, Lucky Coin in The Frogs Mouth, Antique Gold Finishing, Wide Elasticated Shank. - Rs. 350.00


Bubble Dome Ring - 3 Dimensional Bubbles Merge Together To Form A Dome, Crystal Encrusted Center Bubble, Gold Finishing. - Rs. 599.00

Purple Haze Dome Ring - Dome Metal Weave Design, Shades of Purple Crystal Encrusted, Perfect For a Cocktail Event, And Nickel Finishing....... - Rs. 599.00

Ornate Cocktail Ring - Beautiful Mix of Various Shapes and Forms, Intricate Metal Flower Detailing, Pearl Infusion into the Interesting Shape, Adjustable & Easy to Wear, Sits Comfortably Around the Finger. - Rs. 499.00

White Resin and Crystal Flower Cocktail Ring - Unique Resin & Crystal Mix for Flower Development, Crystal Encrusted Center, Resin Base, Gold Finishing......... - Rs. 599.00

Floral Extravagenza - Mix of Various Flower Shapes, Intricate Metal Flower Detailing, Pearl Infused Center, Adjustable & Easy To Wear, Sits Comfortably Around the Finger. - Rs. 499.00

Multi Colored Crystal Bud - Unique Metal Budding Flower, Multi Colored Crystal Encrusted Body, Perfect for a Cocktail Event, Gold Finishing. - Rs. 599.00