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Pre-Shampoo Treatment If your hair is naturally dry or has become dry due to over shampooing, over bleaching, over colouring or too much .

Original Mandala Aum Sangha Spiritual Art Psy Art by Pumayana, $33.00

This beautiful Mandala represents the Sacred Sound of the Universe AUM. This frequency is the origin of all Creation. All the people around this mandala are silent chanting his sound (mantra) and are all connected together with the ONE, it's all Unity, we

Namasteॐ Om

Setting First Steps On The Path Of Spiritual Development - Psychic Development

18119321_1959495354278539_8172619730094570644_n.jpg (480×480)

18119321_1959495354278539_8172619730094570644_n.jpg (480×480)


When you are true to your word; the Word (Aum) becomes true to you. Aum is the sound that pervades the entire universe.

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