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Career Consultancy From Thinkcloudly
Ready to level up your career? 🚀 Dive into Thinkcloudly's expert career consultancy! Our team offers personalized advice to help you make smart career choices and reach your goals. Don’t miss out on gaining clarity and direction for a brighter future. Enroll today and take the first step towards a fulfilling career journey with us. #CareerConsultancy #Thinkcloudly #CareerGoals #SuccessAhead
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Professional Scrum Master Certification
Elevate your career with our Professional Scrum Master certifications! Acquire essential skills in Confluence and Jira to excel in today's competitive market. Stay ahead by mastering agile methodologies and project management. Lead teams effectively and deliver exceptional results. Don't miss this opportunity to advance your career. Enroll now!
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Lines of Codes used
Exploring big numbers in coding! Imagine Google with 2 billion lines, Facebook with 62 million, Windows with 50 million, and Linux with 18 million lines of code. Join Thinkcloudly on this exciting journey into the vast world of programming, where each line holds a piece of innovation.
the hierarchy of data jobs is shown in this graphic
Data Jobs
Explore the career ladder in data jobs, starting as a Data Engineer and climbing up to become an ML Engineer. Understand the skills and steps in this exciting journey!
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Getting Ideas to solve a Bug
Did you know! How do ideas flow differently in different situations? 🤔 When solving bugs, ideas may be limited But When you eat a snack or taking a break, or even stepping into the bathroom then suddenly your imagination strikes Your creativity is unlocked when you find the perfect moment of relaxation! 💡💡💡
info about data scientist jobs and their benefits