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A Waterspout in Florida

Waterspout In Tampa Bay taken by Photos de Jeremy Kappell WDRB .Waterspouts, for the unfamiliar, are basically water-tornados, often weaker than land tornados but still completely terrifying. As is the case with this waterspout, which hit Tampa Bay.

An aerial picture of cloud shrouded Dubai

This aerial picture of a cloud-shrouded Dubai by Wijnand Van Till, a Dutch citizen living in Dubai, won the first prize in a National Geographic photography contest Oct 2011 in Amsterdam ahead of other entries.

Curitiba,Porto Alegre, Brasil

The Curitiba-Paranaguá train ride is one of the most exciting and scenic travel routes in Brazil. It winds its way across the mountains of Serra do Mar - Brazil's coastal range - in the southern state of Paraná. The trip covers 62 miles.