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Thinking about refreshing your yard? 🌸 Discover the costs of different types of mulch and find the best option for your lawn in our guide.
How Much Does Mulch Cost?
Thinking about refreshing your yard? 🌸 Discover the costs of different types of mulch and find the best option for your lawn in our guide.
Ornamental Grasses for Every Garden
From sun-loving to shade-friendly options, find the ideal type of ornamental grass to elevate your garden design. 🌾
a person holding up a green plant with dirt on it and the words how to choose the right mulch for your garden
How to Choose the Right Mulch
Choosing the right mulch is essential for maintaining a healthy and vibrant garden. Our guide breaks down the different factors and kinds to consider 🌿🌾
gardening tools and plants with text overlay that reads gardening gear up your garden
Prep your garden to bloom with The Home Depot.
" Long summer days are for being outdoors. Start gardening in Spring to improve your landscape and enjoy beautiful plants in your yard. The Home Depot is here to help get your prepared to sit back and enjoy the blooms. Tap to explore. "
a man is watering his garden with the words grow a garden you love explore in - season selections
Grow, nurture and maintain your garden with help from The Home Depot.
When it’s time to start your next gardening project, The Home Depot can help. Find everything you need to start growing, with everything from plants to tools. Build your shopping list online, and visit your local garden center to check out our selection of live goods.
Best Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color
a house with the words how to care for your lawn during a draught
How to Care for Your Lawn During a Drought
Learn how to maintain a lush and vibrant lawn, even when water is scarce💧🌿
a garden with lots of flowers and plants in the foreground text reads, home improvement find your garden zone
Find the right plants for your climate with The Home Depot.
Discover the best plants for your climate by understanding your site’s hardiness zone. Follow this guide from The Home Depot to determine what flowers, edibles, shrubs and trees will survive and thrive in your area. Tap to learn more.
a sprinkler is spraying water on the ground with words all about sprinklers
All About Sprinklers
Don't let a dry lawn ruin your summer 🌱 Learn everything you need to know about sprinklers!
a water hose connected to a brick wall with the words invest in your plants on it
Get everything for a healthy summer garden with help from The Home Depot. ​
Prepare your garden for summer with tools, gardening supplies, and know-how from The Home Depot. Fine-tune your watering with drip irrigation, choose heat-tolerant annuals, and find edible plants like basil and tomatoes that can handle the heat, too. Set your garden up for summer success with help from The Home Depot. ​
a house with rocks on the ground and grass in front of it that says, gorgeous rock landscaping ideas
Gorgeous Rock Landscaping Ideas
Consider using rocks in your landscape designs due to their environmental and aesthetic benefits 🏡
a vertical garden wall with the words guide to creating a living plant wall
Guide to Creating a Living Plant Wall
Living plant walls can bring mental, aesthetic, and physical benefits. Learn how to install one 🌿🌷
Perennials That Bloom Every Year
How to Tune Up Your Lawn Mower
landscaping rocks with purple flowers in the middle and text overlay that reads types of landscaping rocks
Types of Landscaping Rocks and How to Use Them
Landscaping rocks add both style and utility to your yard or garden 🏡 Read our guide to learn about the different kinds available.