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The Science of Posture: Sitting up straight will make you happier, more confident and less risk-averse

What does good posture consist of? With the latest science studies there are some suprising new insights on good posture. In fact good posture is less obvious

5 Foods That Contain Vitamin B12

Vitamin helps your body produce DNA and red blood cells, supports your immune system, and encourages healthy nerve function. Watch the video to learn which foods are high in this essential nutrient.

How Fast Will B-12 Work?

(niacin)- Did you know niacin can help reduce depression and anxiety? Check with your doctor especially if you are diabetic first. Great food sources of niacin are organic eggs, nuts and organic chicken.

Symptoms of Low B12

Vitamin also called cobalamin, helps make DNA and keeps nerve and blood cells healthy. A deficiency in Vitamin can cause irreversible damage to.

6 Habits To Largely Improve Your Memory and Brain Power

If you implement these 6 habits into your life, you will improve your memory, brain power, overall mood, and your chances of success!