5oth anniversary

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Leaves modpodged to a balloon, balloon then popped and removed. would be gorgeous as centerpieces.
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Acer embrace - view 2 Hey everyone who is pinning this image on Pinterest - this is not a modgepodge of glued up leaves. Please get your information correct. Thanks.

Maple - turned and carved; 9 X 7 Probably the most challenging piece I've ever done. Carving the interior space was a pain in the ***, not to mention my hand - especially after my finger surgery. I entered this for consideration for the Maple Medley exhibit. The wording on the entry form was a bit worrying to me because it seemed as if they were looking for mostly turned forms, but we'll see what happens. This started out as a hollow form 10 X 7.5 inches with 1.5 inch walls. Photo by Jerry…

wind string around balloons of various sizes, apply fabric stiffener, let it dry and pop the balloons. You can hang them from the ceiling or place them on a table along with bold flowers to create a beautiful centerpiece.

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little hedgie

i'd hoped to be done with this tea towel by now, but I've spent many hours trying to figure out exactly how I wanted it to look and then, of course, things always take on a life of their own anyway. and the kids keep getting sick. but here's a sneak peak.

caravan pencil case. Nx

Caravan Holiday

Do you remember when I made my daughter this pencil case? I really liked its shape and decided to make myself one too. BUT as I was looking at it again I had the thought that it looked a bit like a…

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Seagull and Oyster catcher
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Seagull and Oyster catcher

Golden wedding
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Golden Wedding Anniversary Card

A beautiful handmade card made especially to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary.The card could either be embroidered with " Mr & Mrs Married Name" or for example "Jamie & Caroline" followed by the date of the special day. The greeting could be changed to, for example "Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad" . Inspired by vintage post cards and embroidery from the 1940s. The card is machine embroidered with the words "Golden Wedding", the date of their wedding, a postage mark with "50" embroidered…

Tatami Blue & Red Jigsaw Mats Corner

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Martial Arts Mats with a traditional Japanese rice straw surface pattern. Some models of Judo Mats and some models of Jigsaw Mats / Interlocking Mats have this pattern. In this section, we show all the Judo & Jigsaw / Interlocking Mats that have the tatami surface pattern. With Judo Mats the pattern does not affect the hardness or density i.e. the feel or performance of the mat. It is purely to give a more traditional look to the mat. With Jigsaw Mats / Interlocking Mats, the tatami…