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an image of a display in a store window
eyeball man
an old black and white photo of children looking at a large balloon
100 Scary things ideas | scary, creepy, creepy dolls
Scary things on Pinterest | Creepy Dolls, Zombies and Dolls
a room with an open door and a lit candle on the table in front of it
Remedios Varo (2nd Part) (ENGLISH)
Remedios Varo (2nd Part) (ENGLISH) – Mujeres Artistas/ Female Artists
an eyeball is attached to a clock with wings
a large metal sculpture with an odd looking face holding a circular object in it's hands
Castle for the Children, Aoyama Tokyo
statue by Taro Okamoto for Castle for the Children, Aoyama Tokyo, Japan
an eye in the center of a room with red walls and black floors, surrounded by glass doors
Alien named PAIRA, 1956 - Taro Okamoto -
a man holding up his hand with an evil eye painted on it
生誕100年 人間・岡本太郎展 あす16日から展覧会 | 麻生区 | タウンニュース
a woman walking down the street with an eyeball on her head and black tights
Electric Love
three people with masks on their faces and mouths are sitting in front of each other
an artistic painting of a man with bubbles on his head
hermaeus mora, Ira Arn
ArtStation - hermaeus mora, Ira Arn
an eye is shown in the middle of a red background with black and white lines
a young boy standing on top of a skateboard in front of an image of a wolf