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40+ Photos That Show Just How Crazy an Office Can Be

Business comes first, but the office is often just a playground for adults. Here are some outrageous photos that prove how crazy the workplace can be.

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The 21 Funniest Roommate Trolls Of All Time

Saran-wrapping the toilet seat? PLEASE, that's for amateurs.

Bitcoin World on Twitter

“10 Times Snapchat Was at It's Absolute Best #funny”

How to creep out your house guests.

I was just learning to love... Beep. Bop. Boop.

Yoghurt, Peach And Apple To Prank Your Kids On This April Fools Day

Bored Panda wants to compile a list of the best April Fools jokes, but we need your help to do it! So come on Pandas!

The relationship advice.

Forget polite notes, these drivers are ANGRY. NSFW language.

21 People Who Tried, Bless Their Hearts

They were so close.

April Fools' Day candy jokes with hidden vegetables.

Try these April Fools' Day candy jokes with hidden vegetables. Lollipops are broccoli, Mike and Ike's are hidden peas, Tootsie Rolls are carrots. Video.

48 Pictures That Will Make You Say "What The Fuck?!"

"What did I just look at." -You

This is on my bucket list - FunSubstance

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Dollar Tree April Fools Pranks

Thirteen clean and fun Dollar Tree April Fools pranks from as low as $20 - Easy April Fools Day prank ideas for kids from the Dollar Store.

21 April Fool's Day Pranks

What pranks will you play on Tuesday?

The Old "Parking Ticket Gamble"

The Old "Parking Ticket Gamble" - Funny WIN Photos and Videos