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an image of a book with the title freebie let's get started my big book
My Big Book of ABCs!
Who doesn't love a learning activity that creates a keepsake book?! This alphabet book has a page for each letter with several skills to practice and ultimately can be put together to make the student their very own alphabet keepsake book! Using my custom font, Get Started, the stars guide the preschool or kindergarten students on where to start their letter lines. The clip art is also original and created with the intention of little fingers practicing fine motor skills effectively.
two children laying on the grass with books in their hands and text reading teaching toddlers how to respect books
Teaching Toddlers How to Respect Books & Stop Ripping Them to Shreds
Does your toddler tear up books? Here are some tried and tested tips for stopping such behavior by a fellow toddler parent. Read on for some epic hacks! | Parenting toddlers | Toddler discipline | Toddler behavior | Toddler aggression | Positive Parenting | #toddlers #toddlerhacks
four children's books with the title board biscuit books
Biscuit Board Books
Biscuit Board Books
there are many books and other items on the table with text that says, easy me on the map project
10 Geography Childrens Books | Easy Me On The Map Project
10 Geography Childrens Books | Easy Me On The Map Project. Colorful engaging geography childrens books are a fun and memorable way to teach them all about locations and their characteristics. Look at my page Hands-On Simple And Best Homeschool Geography Ideas & Tips for more ideas. But don’t think only preschoolers can benefit from picture books. And be sure to show the younger ones more complex maps, mix it up and provide them with a mix of books to learn all about geography from.
the alphabet spot and dot game with free printables
Alphabet Spot & Dot: Preschool Letter Game - Free Printable
Make learning letters a blast with our Alphabet Spot & Dot preschool game! Using Do-a Dot markers and our free printable worksheet, preschoolers can practice letter recognition in a fun and engaging way. Download now and watch as your little ones spot and dot their way to letter mastery!
flowers and books on the ground with text overlay that reads how to make a wildflower pounding towel craft
Are Daisies Wildflowers | How to Make a Wildflower Pounding Craft
Are Daisies Wildflowers | How to Make a Wildflower Pounding Craft. Have you wondered if daisies are wildflowers? You'll also love my Wildflowers Unit Study. Or do you have questions about the beautiful flowers in fields, along the road, and in your own backyard? I have some wonderful resources for a wildflower study and show you a simple and inexpensive craft that fits perfectly along with our topic. A wildflower is a flower that grows in the wild. Wildflowers are not intentionally planted.
there is a plate with sand and shells in it on the table next to an open book
How To Make Your Own Edible Beach Sand And Shells: A Creative And Delicious Recipe
How To Make Your Own Edible Beach Sand And Shells: A Creative And Delicious Recipe. We’re making edible beach sand and shells. Also, you’ll love more ideas on my Oceans Unit Study and Lapbook and free Seashore Watching Unit Study and Beach Lapbook. It’s a fun snack that is a great way to end or even begin a beach unit. Also, it makes a great starter for discussions on different colors of ocean water, the different colors and types of sand and what creates that sand.
the lemonade summer slime is made from plastic cups and yellow paper, with text overlay that reads how to make fluffy lemonade summer slime
How to Make Fluffy Lemonade Summer Slime With Kids
How to Make Fluffy Lemonade Summer Slime With Kids. Summer slime is a great way to beat the heat by coming indoors for a craft project that turns into a fun sensory activity. Slime poured its way into our homes years ago. And it shows no signs of slowing down as a favored sensory activity for kids and teenagers. This fantastic fluffy lemonade slime is perfect for summer and smells amazing! You can mix it up and make lemonade, strawberry lemonade, or even other flavors for sensory fun.
how to use dramatic play to prep kids for camping
Camping Books for Kids by Age + Free Printable Tracker
Camping Books for Kids by Age Free Printable Tracker
the beehive paper craft for preschool is shown on a white wooden background with bees flying around it
Beehive Craft for Preschoolers
Buzz into spring with this adorable beehive craft for preschoolers! Perfect for little hands, this craft combines creativity with learning about nature. Using simple materials like yellow construction paper and a little imagination, kids will love creating their own beehive and buzzing bees. It's an excellent way to develop fine motor skills, color recognition, and a love for the natural world. Plus, complement the fun with bee-themed books for a full learning experience. #BeehiveCraft #Crafts
the alphabet i spy games for kids are great for learning letters and numbers to read
I Spy Letters Alphabet Worksheets
Download this free set of I Spy Letters alphabet worksheets. They will make a great addition to your preschool literacy centers. #ispygames #alphabetworksheets #abcworksheets #homeschoolprek
the free color sorting activity is great for kids to do with their own hands and feet
Super Fun Color Sorting Activities Ready to Download
These color sorting activities will keep your toddler happily busy! Free printable toddler activities your child will love! #busybinder #sortingactivities #freeprintablesforkids
a paper plate with an ocean theme and some cards on the table next to it
How to Make a Fun Paperplate Fish | F is for Fish
How to Make a Fun Paper Plate Fish | F is for Fish. F is for fish. And a fun way to teach that concept is to create an adorable and recognizable fish from a couple of paper plates. Also, I have more alphabet letter fun on my page How to Homeschool Preschool. There are a couple of fish that are just iconic and well known because they are true movie stars. For example, one is a clownfish and the other a blue tang with short term memory loss (maybe). Those movies have taught kids so much about fish
a cup full of pencils sitting on top of a desk next to a globe
Tot School - Free program! Free tot school printables!
FREE Tot School Curriculum! Videos, printables, and more!