Istanbul, Turkey

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a narrow street with colorful buildings and graffiti on the walls, along with people walking down it
Balat – Secret Gem of Istanbul | A Rainbow of Colors - COLORFUL SISTERS
an orange scooter is parked in front of a building with purple flowers on it
Balat istanbul
people are walking down an alley way with shops on both sides and buildings in the background
Istanbul 139Thdr2
people are sitting at tables in an outdoor cafe
Fransız Sokağı - French Street in Istanbul
i want to wander
a man swimming in the ocean next to a boat
The Best Boat Trip From Bodrum to Crystal Clear Blue Waters
Turkey is simply stunning! 😍
the water is crystal blue and clear
Mediterranean Turkey: Muğla
an outdoor restaurant with tables and umbrellas in the evening time, on a cobblestone street
an empty street with tables and chairs in front of colorful buildings
Istanbul, Turkey. I would love to go back
many people are sitting on couches by the water while others stand and lay down
Reading: Inside Out in Istanbul