I love the texture, the smell, I love to play with it, throw it, fold it, decorate it, cut it, paint it, design it, buy it, wear it, hold it, curl it, roll it, color it...I love Paper!!!!
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four wrapped presents with tassels and bows on them sitting on a white blanket
Summer Wreath DIYs | M&J Blog
a gift wrapped in brown paper with red, white and blue streamers on it
Cute & Simple Way To Wrap Christmas Presents - Pom Pom DIY - Kelsey Bang
Wrapping perfume
blue wrapping paper with gold foil leaves and ribbon on wooden table next to two rolls of twine
Gift wrapping
a brown card with three balloons attached to the front of it on a wooden surface
Happy birthday card Carte joyeux anniversaire
a woman sitting on top of a pile of paper
15 Inventive Dresses Made from Recycled Materials
In prepping for Earth Day, we got to thinking about all the awesome ways you can repurpose materials that would normally be discarded. As we started searching for eco-chic inspiration, we came across a plethora of dresses, frocks, and gowns made from everything from plastic bags to candy wrappers. Here are 15 of our favorite "trashy" fashions.