40 AAPI musicians you need to start streaming
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40 AAPI musicians you need to start streaming

You can find the rad sounds from these talented individuals on social media or your music platform of choice. Get to know their work and push the plus button to add them to your latest warm weather mix.
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New Music: thuy - Discover New Music & Unsigned Talent - Alfitude
a woman laying on top of a table with a cake in front of her face
Wallice Faces the Anxiety of Growing Up on “23”
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Audrey Nuna – Acne Studios
a woman in a white dress holding a mirror with feathers on it's back
Broken Bottle Reimagined by UMI on Apple Music
a young man standing on top of a ladder next to a red wall and holding his chin up
Rich Brian Is Trying To Be Famous-Famous
a woman with long black hair laying on the ground in front of flowers and holding her hand to her face
Before Bed: Raveena Enjoys a Eucalyptus-Filled Shower and Guided Meditation
two women standing in front of a mirror with their backs turned to the opposite direction
Audrey Mika – Alive - Discover New Music & Unsigned Talent - Alfitude
a woman sitting on top of a couch next to a red chair with her hands under her chin
Self-Made Saweetie Is Rollin’ With Some Gucci
a man sitting on the ground with birds flying around him and his legs spread out
Conan Gray Opens Up About Taylor Swift, His TikTok Hit and Embracing His Japanese Heritage
three people standing next to each other in front of flowers
Run River North’s Alex Hwang — Call It What You Will
three girls with red hair standing next to each other in front of a green curtain
The Linda Lindas on their viral song Racist, Sexist Boy: ‘It’s good to let the anger out and scream’
a woman standing in front of a blue wall with flowers on the bottom and an image of a ladder behind her
Cover Story: Yaeji
a beautiful young woman standing next to a bird on top of her shoulder and looking at the camera
Jhené Aiko On Fame, Tattoos, & Breaking Out Of The Box
a woman in a white dress on stage with her arms spread out and lights shining down
Karen O & Danger Mouse Perform Lux Prima at the Ace Hotel
a woman playing an electric guitar in front of a graffiti wall
Yvette Young: Covet’s Ace Guitarist Opens Up About Unique Tapping Style
a man with a microphone standing in front of a purple and white light that is shining on him
ZHU - Chinese American Star for Generation Y
a man in a blue shirt is holding a snake on his arm and looking off into the distance
Kishi Bashi Uses The History Of Japanese Internment To Explore America Today
a man wearing sunglasses and a brown jacket
a woman leaning on a rail with her arms crossed and looking off into the distance
INTERVIEW: Alex Porat on All Things Music, Her New EP 'bad at breakups,' Songwriting, and Sound
a man sitting in a wicker chair holding a drink
Bruno Mars’ Latest Release: Coconut Rum
The dA-Zed Guide To Being... Mitski
a man sitting on a stool with flowers in his hand
Eric Nam Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down With The Release Of "Before We Begin"