Liminal spaces are a total mood
Between worlds

Liminal spaces are a total mood

Caught between spaces, these abandoned places are seemingly frozen in time.
an exit sign is lit up on the hallway leading to another room with dark carpeting
Setting Inspiration
an apartment building is lit up at night with bright lights shining on the windows and below
“Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?”: A CGI Master Made A New Artwork Every Day For 10 Years – Design You Trust — Design Daily Since 2007
a traffic light that is on the side of a road at night with colored lights
Lucas Zimmermann’s Extraordinary, Ordinary Traffic Lights - COOL HUNTING®
two cars driving in the dark at night
Aesthetica Magazine - Curious Details
The Gelato Life
The Gelato Life
a red brick building sitting next to a parking meter
Liminal Spaces Project & Street Photography — Jenn Foy Photography & Design
a neon sign that reads king and wash on the front of a building at night
Why Do Liminal Spaces Feel Like An Altered Reality?
an empty staircase leading up to a ceiling fan in a dark room with white walls
What Is Going On In This House?: The Palmer Residence As A Lodge-Adjacent Liminal Space | Page 29 of 39 | 25YL