The quirky stars we can't get enough of
Wonderful weirdos

The quirky stars we can't get enough of

While Hollywood boasts its fair share of glamour, these entertainers are the ones that really stick in our minds.
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The Remaking of Steve Buscemi
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Bill Hader and Fred Armisen Spend a Lot of Time Together
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Donald Glover & adidas Reveal First Collaborative Project, Kicks Meant For Adventures
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Inside ‘Arrested Development’ Star Alia Shawkat’s Weird And Wonderful Mind
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The Real Bob Ross: Meet The Meticulous Artist Behind Those Happy Trees
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"Succession" Star Nicholas Braun Reviews 15 Sweaters in 15 Minutes
a woman sitting in an empty chair with her legs crossed
Celebrity Style and Outfits, Celebrity Gallery and News
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He's Funny That Way: Michael Cera
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What Does Weird Al Eat for Breakfast? As It Turns Out, Nothing Particularly Weird
a woman in a blue dress posing with her hands on her hips and arms behind her back
Inside THR’s Comedy Actress Roundtable With Taylor Schilling, Zooey Deschanel, Mindy Kaling
four men are posing for a photo together
Terry Jones, Monty Python Founder and Scholar, Is Dead at 77 (Published 2020)
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‘The Hangover Part III’: Exclusive Portraits of Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis
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Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph Share Their Best Advice on Living With a Loved One
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Larry David on What His Life Would Have Been Like Without Seinfeld
a woman is sitting in the grass with her hand on her head and looking off into the distance
AUBREY PLAZA for Interview Magazine, December 2020
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25 Pictures That Prove Matthew Gray Gubler Is The Ideal Man
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These Are The Best Will Ferrell Movies
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SNL Star Pete Davidson Makes Aces of Comedy Debut at The Mirage in Las Vegas August 25 –
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Aziz Ansari on Quitting the Internet, Loneliness, and Season 3 of ‘Master of None’
a man in a suit and tie standing with his arms crossed, smiling at the camera
Q&A: Matt Lucas talks Little Britain, Doctor Who, comedy heroes and his new autobiography ‘Little Me: My Life from A-Z’ ahead of Ely Cathedral event
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Steve Carell Says Michael and Pam's Final Scene on 'The Office' Was 'An Actual Moment'
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Chicago comedians on 'Saturday Night Live'