The ultimate DIY playlist
Groove while you work

The ultimate DIY playlist

Whether you plan on cranking out some home reno projects or you’re starting on your holiday gifting and wrapping early, this roundup of songs will help you stay in the zone.
a woman standing in front of a tall building with her hands on her head and looking up at the sky
Mitski: Working for the Knife
an orange and blue circle with the words fall into it
Fall Into It, a playlist by Essential on Spotify
two potted plants next to each other with the words, please take the time to love yourself
This collection of cute songs for tuning out the world and focusing on yourself:
the silhouette of a person wearing headphones in front of a yellow wall with light behind them
The Lifehacker Work Playlists: Your Ideal Music for Getting Things Done
a man sitting at a desk with headphones on and looking off to the side
The Perfect Productivity Playlist, According to Brain Science
a man wearing a mickey mouse hat while standing in front of a microphone
Freaks - Single by Surf Curse on Apple Music