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two suspended mirrors in the middle of a room
A second suspended staircase - Tensile Cables
a white tent sitting on top of a lush green field
a large building that is made up of many different types of shapes and sizes, with grass on the ground
Biblioteca nacional King Fahad / Gerber Architekten
Biblioteca nacional King Fahad / Gerber Architekten
an artistic sculpture made out of wires and poles on a black surface with a light in the background
several mannequins dressed in black and white clothing
Retail Window Displa- Elie Tahari, stretched fabric backdrops
a blue and white structure with grass in the foreground
Headquarters in Novedrate
Such a light and transparent building, fighting gravity and pushing out to the future: B&B Italia's HQ by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. . #bebitalia #renzopiano #richardrogers #furnituredesign
an industrial facility with pipes and equipment in the foreground, on graveled ground
a man standing next to a tall red structure on top of a grass covered field