Tom Dowding

Tom Dowding

ummm yah so btw if i add u and dt know u it maybe cuz im bored or u lookin good lol.
Tom Dowding
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A pair of repurposed tables

A pair of occasional tables made in collaboration with Milo These table tops are made by stacking, joining and reshaping layers of wooden offcuts. The outside is sanded smooth and oiled with a plant based material, The bases are The Rag and Bone Man’s c

Same sortve thing I want tattooed but I was gonna get it on my thigh and instead of the boat at the top right I would have a skull shaped cave and then a lighthouse in the distance to the left.

Boat Tattoo Why do people choose boats when it comes to tattoos? Well, first of all boat tattoo designs can be funny and beautiful. If you look at our collection, in fact, you will find a combination of complicated… Continue Reading →

Swallows' Nest Castle in Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine.

amazing photo of Palace Swallow’s Nest; The neo-Gothic Swallow's Nest castle perches 130 feet meters) above the Black Sea near Yalta in southern Ukraine. Built by a German noble in the flamboyant seaside residence now houses an Italian restaurant.

Llyn Ogwen Lake.

Llyn Ogwen Lake.