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Up on stage collecting our Grand Prix award with Mars, for the first time as a team too! Great night, great client, great memories.

We can't forget our lucky gnome, Mulberry. He's good luck. You have to kiss his feet if you want to win awards. Don't look at us like that....It's true!

Post pitch sarnies ans smiles all round.

Christmas 2012 - all rather drunk on fine wine @ Planet of The Grapes, basically our local.

Can you feel the love?

Pitch-prep time. Mark's favorite thing in the whole wide world. Check out the concentration face. Sara's obviously in awe!

Sarah (affectionately known as Cheeks) is our fantastically skilled Account Director. She's got over 8 years dealing with clients for some of the worlds most demanding employers. She's happy to challenge with new ideas and is a really valuable member of the team. She's expecting her first baby and we all know she'll make a wonderful Mum. We'll miss her while she's gone.

This is Tom. He’s been passionate about building conversations between employers and the people for over 15 years. He's the only non Mars associate to sit on the global reputation council, which is quite cool indeed. Tom’s a father of two, used to like mucking about on the water in boats and is best at growing grass and dandelions on his allotment. We recently found out that he hates Jager.

This is Mark. He's the creative one. It all started in front of the TV. He was knee high to a Panasonic, but he knew advertising was for him. Since then, he’s worked with major clients developing effective national and international brand strategies. He’s been lucky enough to win a whole string of awards, become a Rescue Scuba Diver and own a great sports motorbike, until his wonderful wife and 2 girls came along and changed all that. He also like to fall asleep in bars.