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Completely relaxed…. Something fine can fill me. And I am sure it is there, this energy. I am aligned with it. There is a conviction that it is there. Like the fisherman who knows the fish is in the pond. And not only conviction but also attraction. All my functions go to it willingly. When this energy is there and I am sure of it, aware of it moment by moment, I begin to be. from “The Next Attention” Fran Shaw, Ph.D. via “Alive On All Channels”

ARTFINDER: Now I'm in trouble by andy butler - A pencil and graphite drawing on canvas. Just a simple fragmented drawing of a beautiful women with "that look, that I'v done something wrong...again"

I feel this image is very inspiring. The man's face is being fragmented into jigsaw pieces which I feel clearly portray the theme of fragments because a jigsaw can be fragmented, however it can all so be pieced back together.