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Daddy! Daddy! Look! I Caught Some Fireflies!

Firefly - Written by Doug McKeon --Is he crying because he's happy for his nerdy daughter, or because he knows Wash will soon be impaled on that stick? <<< was smiling now I'm crying

Firefly fans are going to love this Firefly Monopoly game. This version of the property trading game features the big damn heroes of Firefly. Monopoly just got better. The Firefly Monopoly board game features some of your favorite characters and locations from the hit show! Fans are going to

Monopoly Firefly Edition by USAopoly allows fans to buy, sell and trade planets and locations from the Firefly Verse.

Calvin & Hobbes cosplay Firefly!

boogleloo: Malvin and Cobbes by Karen Hallion Illustrations. been a calvin & hobbs fan since i was a kid… so when i saw this homage to Firefly and Serenity (which i LOVE too) i had to share! “they aim to misbehave!