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9 Best Pink Mocktails to Drink
two glasses filled with watermelon and lime juice
10 Non-Alcoholic Frozen Drinks for Summer
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Virgin Daiquiri
As cool mornings turn into hot afternoons, it’s time to start thinking about ice-cold drinks to chase the heat away. This virgin strawberry daiquiri has all the flavor and delight of a daiquiri without the alcohol. A delicious mocktail!
two glasses filled with strawberry margaritas on top of ice and strawberries next to each other
Non-Alcoholic Frozen Strawberry Margarita
fruity frozen margaritas in glasses with strawberries and lime
Magic 2-Minute Fruity Frozen Margaritas
These frozen fruity margaritas are sheer magic! Made in 2 minutes with only 3 ingredients, you can have frozen margs anytime and in any flavor in a snap. They also keep well in the freezer, staying slushy and perfect for a last-minute (much-needed and well-deserved) cocktail! You'll love the secret ingredient that makes these frozen margaritas so versatile and a total snap to make. #tequila #cocktail #margarita #easy
someone pouring pineapple margarita into a glass cup with the words frozen pineapple margaritas in it
Frozen Pineapple Margaritas
Enjoy the refreshing and perfectly balanced flavors of these frozen pineapple margaritas. A delicious tropical twist on a classic cocktail!
two mason jars filled with raspberry daiquir
Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri - House of Nash Eats