Bite Sized Recipes for Jersey Pockets

Great, easy to make, recipes for cyclists which are small enough to be easily eaten on the go and stashed into the back of a jersey pocket.
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If you’re looking for a quick energy fix, look no further than our no bake energy bites. Requiring very little (and very cheap) ingredients, they also take minutes to make and can be eaten easily, on-the-go!

Quick And Tasty No Bake Energy Bites Recipe

If you’re looking for a quick and easy fatigue fighting treat, look no further than our no bake energy bites.

Our protein powder doughnuts are a great way to introduce more protein to your diet and have a lovely light and fluffy texture.

Recipe: Apple, Flax, and Cinnamon Protein Powder Doughnuts

TWC’s baked oatmeal is the best thing since sliced bread. Not only is it filling and delicious, but it’s packed with energy, making it the perfect snack before any long and tiring bike ride.

It's filling and delicious and packed with energy. The Goji berries and apple sauce work so well with the oats, giving a rich fruity taste.

Beacon Hill cookies are TWC’s favourite kind of cookie, extremely light with a distinct chocolatey hazelnut flavour.

Recipe: Beacon Hill Cookies

Each cookie is high in energy to keep you fuelled throughout the day and the batch can be made from scratch within 15 minutes!

If you want something that will keep you going in the mornings, then this high in energy fruit and nut breakfast bar is perfect.

Fruit & Nut Breakfast Bar

Substitute it for your standard cereals and take it with you on-the-go! It takes only minutes to make but works best when kept in the fridge overnight.

These are a much healthier alternative to shop bought truffles and the flavour opportunities are endless!

Healthy & Nutritious Snacks you Can Make in 5 Minutes

Our baked pasta bites are a great snack which can be eaten on-the-go on the bike and provide a great supply of carbohydrates and, protein to fuel your ride.

Recipe: Baked Pasta Bites

A new Italian study linked eating pasta with having a healthier BMI and hip-to-waist ratio

If you’re looking for a healthy sweet treat to have when you get in from a long ride, then this definitely fits the bill. As well as being super easy to whip up in the kitchen, it’s a great guilt-free alternative to a slice of cake!

Gluten Free Recipe: French Toast Squares

If you’re looking for a healthy sweet treat to have when you get in from a long ride, then our gluten free french toast squares definitely fits the bill.

Rice cakes are great as they can be flavoured however you like, with the pistachios here giving a sweet but nutty flavoured kick.

Recipe: Pistachio Rice Cakes

Mark Cavendish’s nutritionist shares a great fuelling recipe with us, scrummy Pistachio rice cakes!

They will bring you back to life on a long ride and give you the same sweet tasting kick you would get from a slice of carrot cake (but without the guilt).

Gluten Free Recipe: Carrot Cake Balls

Making things at home that are healthy and easy to consume on the bike can be quite tricky, but these bite-sized, carrot cake bike-friendly balls do just the job.

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